Beauty is a state of mind

What’s the meaning of “Beauty”? This is something that has been in my mind since I have memory, mostly because it took me years to understand that this is a very subjective concept with a whole lot of variants, and it is also a result of an idea that others put in our minds of what is beautiful.

With the growth of social media putting all kind of information in front of us, most of times without any filter, beauty has been reduced to a single image, a trend, a person, a bunch of psychical details that only a few have, and if not, they will do anything to get, in order to fit into the description society defines as “beauty”.

I personally refuse to believe that looking just like a particular celebrity or following the rules of beauty, a person can be genuinely beautiful.

Now talking about the makeup, I believe makeup is an enhancer, a way of art and self expression, a passion, not a way to cover and distort our unique and natural features.

I give myself the freedom of wearing makeup whenever I feel like it, and also the freedom of not wearing any without feeling less pretty.

What I mean by “Beauty is a State of Mind”, is to find and embrace our unique beauty and feel it. Everyone of us has beauty, but unfortunately we let outsiders influence our perception, and what’s worse, we turn into bullies, criticizing in the cruelest way, not only others but ourselves.

This thought is what motivated me to deliver a message to open our eyes and embrace what we see in the mirror and appreciate the diversity in others.

I believe there is no point on applying makeup to look like someone else, just to fit and killing the true beauty that makes us unique. Makeup is an element not an essence.